Option to always return NULL values with Filters

Angelo Rigakis shared this idea 5 years ago
Not Planned

With all SQL databases NULL by design is actually not equal or equal to anything so when a filter is applied to either specify IN LIST or NOT IN LIST then any column defined in the filter that contains a NULL is not shown as it is neither.

It would be great if there was a checkbox or option to also return NULL values without the need of selecting another OR Filter which contains NULLS as this may always be required, not actually be known to the customer preparing the report that is is actually required or that the data contains NULLS.

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Hi Angelo,

Thank you for posting your product idea, we love to hear about new ways we can make the product even better and easier to use.

We review ideas each month and work with the Community to help encourage feedback to rank suggestions that we can present to our product team for review. Not all ideas make it into the product roadmap but all ideas lead to some new thinking for our team.

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