Offer "realtime monitoring" information in an admin dashboard

Ingo Klose shared this idea 6 years ago
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We still have the problem that we do not have a proper way of monitoring our running Yellowfin Servers. There are various places where admin is able to get information about the current usage, like number of active sessions, number of active requests, running reports, currently active threads...

  • info.jsp
  • info_thread.jsp
  • Session Management
  • Background Execution
  • ...

We think it would be great to have a self refreshing dashboard that will always show you all admin relevant information to see what is going on in the application and maybe even have some "best-practice" warnings build in. Like number of threads to high, request/session to CPU ratios etc.

Is there anything like this planned or even existing which we don't know about?

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Hi Ingo,

this sounds like a very good idea indeed, in fact, I wish I'd thought of it myself!

Because of this I have raised an internal enhancement request (YFN-9556)

Thanks for your input!



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