Not able to use custom default option on filter its hard coded to "omit" we want to use "All"

Mukesh Jain shared this idea 2 years ago
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We are not able to set the default option for the filters dropdown they always show "--omit--" instead of "--Select--" or "--All--" this is not matching with our existing dashboard we really want to get rid of the text "--omit--" from all the filters dropdown and should be able to use our custom text we are stuck not finding a way to do it appreciate if you can provide faster assistance on this.

Note: One workaround we have done for some of the filter is making them Mandatory and there is no default text but we cannot do it for all so we needs fix for this.

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Hi Mukesh,

Thanks for reaching out. Non-Mandatory filters allow users to not select a filter, aka "omit" -

    leave out or exclude (someone or something), either intentionally or forgetfully.

This word is there is by design, and not adjustable by the end user. I have created a dev task to look into the possibility of changing this verbiage to "select." I will mark this post as Idea Logged for now. Feel welcome to reply here with any related inquiries.





We regularly receive questions about the "--Omit--" option from new users and those who spend little time in YF. Our clients would like the ability to customize the "--Omit--" wording to reflect the context of the specific filter. A Liquorio example would be filtering beverages to include either:

1. Exclusively non-alcoholic beverages

2. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
To reduce clicks, the client doesn't want to use an in-list filter. Because the above two options are not mutually exclusive, the equal-to filter with the "--Omit--" enabled works well. However, instead of "--Omit--" they would like the wording to provide context (e.g., "All Beverages").

In the meantime, we've found a workaround by altering our view definitions to produce duplicate rows. Following the above example, our view produces two rows of the same non-alcoholic drink, one that is tagged as "Non-Alcoholic Only", the other tagged "All Beverages". When we remove the ability to select "--Omit--", an equal-to filter based on those tags works as intended. The downside is that our view outputs and load times are longer. Additionally, this option requires writing a simple table to our reporting db.




Hi August,

Thanks for the update, I've added your organization and feedback to the dev task, task ID here is YFN-24448, if needed you can request a prioritization on this task through your CSM. Glad a workaround has been found in the meantime.



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