"No results returned" in Yellowfin but the query works fine in Management Studio

Stephen Johnson shared this problem 6 years ago

Hi I'm new to Yellowfin.

I've got a report setup with a date filter. When I run the report for any date range before Feb 23rd I get data. When I run the report for dates after the 23rd I get the message "No results returned." even though I have data there I'd expect to see. If I go to the 'Details' button at the top of the report, click the 'SQL Statement' tab, copy the query to SQL Server Management Studio, and execute it, I get the results I expect.

I don't know enough about Yellowfin yet to begin guessing where the error might be occurring. Can anyone lend a hand?

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This is resolved. Our Yellowfin db accidentally got pointed to a test database with an outdated data snapshot.


Hi Stephen,

Glad this was sorted out! Thank you for updating us. I'll go ahead and close this out.



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