Needs the provision to change the Sub Total Heading in reports

Karthik Kannan shared this idea 6 years ago
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Hi Yellowfin,

Needs the provision to change the Sub Total & Total headings in reports. currently it is fixed like Sub Total, Total and Grand Total. But Needs the provision to change it. May be some settings to concatenate words with Total / Sub Total / Grand Total Fields.


Assume Field Name is Fixed Asset, then needs the feature to include some words manually for Total / Sub Total / Grand Total. Like,

Total for Fixed Asset

Fixed Asset Total

Thanks & Regards,

Karthik K

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Hi Karthik,

I've changed this Problem into an Idea because we currently can't meet the requirement, and it's a great idea for the future!

I have raised an internal Enhancement Request (YFN-9188) for it. In the request I said that the Grand Total and Sub Total headings should offer the same options ("Total & Field Name" or "Total" or "Field Name") as there are for the Section Totals as shown below:


thanks for your input!



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