Moveable Total and Subtotals in the crossTab

Rendy Steffian shared this idea 6 years ago
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Dear Gurus,

based on previous ticket regarding layout report from user i would like to raise this issue for enhancement idea.

Currently for the Total and subtotal function will only appear in the end of the data.

and if the crosstab column type (which mean the metric value in the column side)

we only can make subtotal for row data only.

Hopefully later i can make subtotal for both row and column whatever the type of crosstab is.




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Hi Rendy,

that certainly sounds like a helpful idea to me, so I have raised an internal enhancement request (YFN-10535) so that it will be reviewed by the product manager and hopefully be accepted. I'll let you know the outcome when it comes through.




While I agree that this should be an enhancement, it can be done using a union. Just have the union calculate the totals and then use reference codes to sort the cross tab. I just helped someone with this and here's what I told them:

It's not too challenging and it will help to not have the data pivoted first.

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