Map Reports Should Allow Categorical Colors

Stephen Johnson shared this idea 6 years ago
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Currently on Google Map Reports you are only able to add metrics in the color field of the chart. The UI says you have to use a numerical value but this is inaccurate, since it does not allow numeric dimensions. The resulting map displays pins with a gradient between the min and max values.

The utility of the map reports would be greatly enhanced if we could use categorical values for symbolyzing points, as any GIS user can attest to. Multiple color ramps should be selectable to distinguish between values. It would be reasonable if the feature only supported a certain number of distinct values. You can look at ArcGIS's symbology functionality or any other GIS platform for an example of how this could work.

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Hi Stephen,

thanks for you input, I have created an enhancement request for it, its ID is YFN-10865



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