Many users appear with the same email address ""

Patrick Telford shared this question 7 days ago
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In looking through the user table to try and solve an issue with clashing email addresses, we discovered a large number of users (400+) with the same email address "". We do not believe that these have been added intentionally by users of the system - is this an email address that Yellowfin will generate under any circumstances?

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Hi Patrick,

I hope you're doing well.

We don't have any internal documentation or prior cases using this email address, it's possible that a script has been run against your instance creating users with this email address using the API.

It's not really something we can help with, but if you want to know where they've come from you could check the startdate entry for those users in the ipclass table; do they have the same start date or is there a pattern in their creation dates?

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Hi Chris -

There is only one row in the ipclass table with an email address of The IpId matches the highest IpId in the Person table. The hundreds of other rows in the Person table with an email address of do not have matching rows in the ipclass table.