Make Vertical Column Chart Dimension Color bars same size as Auto Charts

Josephine Sy shared this idea 4 years ago
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Drag in your fields to a Vertical Column Chart.

Add Dimension a second time, this time into the Colors section.

Your Chart will now show Color options:


But they're weirdly spaced and small. Changing the margins, etc. hardly changes this.

If you instead use Auto-Chart, or don't add the Dimension to the Color section, it looks more normal:


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Hi Josephine,

Thanks for reaching out with your Idea. I agree it looks a little funky. According to our dev team: "The auto charts uses a different chart type / dataset as the backend so it just removes the categories. and shows bigger bars."

We are not sure how much work is involved to get this changed, but we're looking into it.

Any potential updates regarding this will be posted here.



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