Make it so Line Charts set with Null Behavior to Break dont display when theres no data

Ajinkya shared this idea 5 years ago
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If you filter values that aren't in a data set on a chart that has "Null Behavior - Skip" set up, the chart doesn't show up on the canvas:


As you can see, the chart whose Null Behavior is set to Break still shows up (chart on top), just with no values.

What is desired is to still show breaks for data that does have values. This is how that looks:


but when there are no values, for there to be no chart displaying at all. Essentially, the enhancement request is to make it so that Line Charts set with Null Behavior to Break don’t display when there’s no data, as it is when set up for Null Behavior – Skip. Null Behavior - Skip can't be used here however, because then there's no line breaks, like you see above, for data when it is displayed.

Any updates regarding this matter will be posted here.



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