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Michael Johansen shared this idea 5 years ago
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At the moment all users can see all broadcasts made from all different users. It is even possible to edit other users broadcasts. For many cases it is usefull. Though, in many cases it should be possible to mark a broadcast as "private" and still be able to send to external users. It means, that only the "creator/owner" of the broadcast should be able to see and edit their own broadcasts.

A solution could be to have checkbox at the broadcast menu, where the user can enable/disable "private" mode.


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Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out with your Idea. It looks like we have an internal task that relates to this, so I've attached this to that task for now to see what the dev team comes back with.

In said task they described the following:

"Private reports were added to Yellowfin after the Broadcast feature and no changes were done to Broadcasts to exclude people as recipients based on their access."

This to me seems to indicate that some sort of enhancement such as the one you've offered here would need to be implemented to address this.

Regardless we have no public place to track this as of yet, so any potential updates regarding this will be posted here.



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