Log file rotation for Linux

Andrew Foster shared this idea 2 years ago
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Would be good for the log files to auto-rotate .

The main culprit is catalina.out, which continually grows until I just blank it out. Before I started running "echo > /.../catalina.out" via cron it was about 750mb-1gb.

Other issues are with the catalina.[date].log, host-manager.[date].log, localhost.[date].log, & localhost_access_log.[date].log (this one is a particularly large group of .5-2mb files that are generated every day and don't seem to rotate at all).

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Hey Andrew,

After failing to get this configured using some external articles, I've raised an enhancement to be reviewed by the devs. From what I can find, this will all be controlled via Tomcat, but maybe can ship with some pre-built scripts which can be copied to the relevant system folders to run.

I'll let you know once I hear more on this.