License Validation should occur before Import containing data source

Abhijeet Teli shared this idea 5 months ago
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When someone selects Add option (accidentally) then as preventive measure application code should be intelligent enough to check for license eligibility and prevent user from performing the operation, what happening now is you are letting user perform an action which can potentially breach the license and brings down the whole system.

Consider the similar scenario but from different angle. With the same license if you try to add data source in Administration -- > Data Sources , You click on add button it will wont let you and shows appropriate message. But if we do the same thing from import export wizard then it allows you to complete the operation and post completion user comes to know that license is breached, Which doesn't seems right to us

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Hi Abhijeet,

Thanks for reaching out with your Idea. I agree it may be a good Idea to disallow the breach from happening in the first place, if possible, especially since we do so in other parts of the application.

However, the 'Add' Import option would be the incorrect choice here regardless, as the end user wouldn't want duplicate Data Sources listed in their instance anyway, so in the meantime, end users should be aware of the different import options and choose the correct option for their needs.

Either way, I agree that this would be a good safety measure to implement and have gone ahead and submitted an enhancement request for this.

Any potential updates regarding this will be posted here.