Legends should work on click.

Sonali Govind Bhise shared this idea 2 years ago
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Hi Team,

The legends on chart should work on click. This can be an enhancement.

Steps to reproduce :

1. Create a sample report.

2. Add required fields in it. (month, Camp Region, Camp Country, Camp Name).

3. Do the Aggregation as count on Camp Region, Camp Country & Camp Name.

4. Select Stacked Vertical Column Chart in Chart section.

5. Add Month in in Horizontal axis & Camp Region, Camp Country & Camp Name in Vertical axis.

6. And Publish the report.

7. Here Camp Region, Camp Country & Camp Name will display as legend on chart.

8. After clicking on that it should show respective data on chart.

Please find attached screenshots & YFX.

Thanks & Regards,

Sonali Bhise

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Hi Sonali,

No updates as of yet. Going forward I have since assigned this to myself of which I will track and update where I can.



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