Keep the 'Add to Dashboard' Bar CLOSED when clicking the 'x'

JeRoen shared this idea 8 days ago
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When you open a dashboard that is currently not on your personal dashboard there is a blue bar at the top of the page asking you if you want to Add the dashboard to your personal dashboard with an "Add" button.

When clicking the 'x' on the bar, then toggling between dashboards, then going back to the dashboard you do not want to add, but just view, the bar appears again, to ask if you want to add it as one of your dashboard tabs.

The idea is to either have this bar not show up again after click the 'x' for the first time, or to have an option, a tick box that says 'do not show me this again'.

As this blue bar is very visible and "in your face" I would like it to respect my decision to close it for that specific dashboard.

This repeating question is causing some irritation with our customers and I have not found a way to disable it other than adding it to your personal dashboard but that is not something you always want.


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Hey JeRoen,

I hope you are well!

I have now raised this idea with the development team and have added the Task ID to this ticket so that I am able to track and update you on any progress! :)

Any updates regarding this idea will be provided here - I hope that is ok!

I will now mark this as 'Idea Logged'

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