Is Transformation available to child organisations in a Multi-Tenant configuration?

Ian Thompson shared this question 5 years ago

I have upgraded our test server from 7.2 to 7.4 and wanting to play with the data transformation feature.

I do not see the transform option in the Create Menu when logged in as a child tenant of a multi-tenant install.

The Create Transformation option displays if I log into the parent organisation but not the child.

Using the same user account.

Is The transform feature available to child tenants?


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Hi Ian,

At this time transformations are not available in client organizations. While there is a tentative plan for this, it has not made the roadmap, and will not likely be added in the near future unless there is a large demand from clients.

If you are interested in this feature, we have created this idea request, and I would recommend that you add a comment outlying your specific use case:



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