Is there a chart that can show two different data sets

Ether Wang shared this question 7 days ago
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I want to draw a roc curve by using some charts, but I found that there wasn't a proper chart that can permit me to draw 2 different roc(have different points) in a single chart, the line chart specifies that two curves must have the same horizontal coordinates, how should I draw 2 different curves with different coordinates in a single line chart?


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Hi Ether,

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Have you got an example chart of what you'd like to see? You can have two separate metrics on the vertical axis, but yes you are limited to a single dimension on the horizontal.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply.

Here is a mock-up:


Actually, we do need a chart that can draw 2 curves with datasets which have different points. We couldn't find a suitable local chart, so we decide to draw it by using JavaScript chart, is there any documentation that demonstrates how to integrate D3.js in JavaScript charts? We need more instructions, thanks!