Inconsistent Bookmark Behavior

Jason Kaczmarek shared this problem 2 years ago
Defect Logged

I have a report that is not set to run automatically due to the volume of data. If I open the report and click on a bookmark, the filters are filled-in, and the report title changes (i.e. it looks like it just ran), but the report did not actually run. However, if I open the report and run it at least once, and then click on a bookmark, then the filters are applied and the report runs as expected. The inconsistent behavior is confusing.

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Hi Jason,

I agree with you that the inconsistent behaviour is confusing and in fact, I'm going to call it a bug.

I tested this same scenario in an earlier version of Yellowfin and the behaviour was different - the report ran as soon as the Bookmark had been selected, in other words, as soon as selected the Bookmark I got the report results (even though the report was configured with Autorun = off).

So I have raised product defect YFN-12586 so that this gets fixed.

And until it gets fixed, the only workaround that I can think of is to turn on the Autorun option, and then to avoid a really long report execution you should set a default filter value that limits the results to a small set.

Thanks for taking the time to point this issue out to us.