Include On-Demand Switchable UI Color Schemes in Yellowfin

Guest shared this idea 7 years ago
Not Planned

It would be great if Yellowfin could have multiple global color schemes that it could switch between on the fly. Something like the below black on black for example. Color scheme changes should be tied to a user's personal preferences.

I know that most of this can be done with custom CSS things, redoing color pallets in Yellowfin, etc., but this is tedious and not easy for an end user. There are two style packs on the Yellowfin Marketplace, but they are no longer supported in current versions of the product.


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Hi Conner,

At this point in time, it's not something that will be supported via Yellowin configuration. There are always crazy ways to make this work, though not something that will be selected via a User Profile setting.

Sorry for the bad news on this, but we will update there happens to be an updates.



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