Improve Consistency in Report Drill-Through Breadcrumbs

Jason Kaczmarek shared this idea 2 years ago
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I wanted to suggest that the consistency in the report drill-through breadcrumbs be improved. It takes two clicks to go back; however, the first click needs to be on the words, while the second click only works on the little "<" bracket. It would be more intuitive if you had to click either the words, or the bracket, but not both.

Actually, I prefer the old hyperlink from back in 7.1. That was only a single click and was very intuitive.


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Hi Jason,

Thank you for reaching out. We actually have an existing enhancement request for this titled "The new styled breadcrumbs are not user-friendly." We haven't seen any action on it as of yet, but I've added you to the client list for those in favor of this in our internal tracking system, as well as mentioned your idea to go back to the hyperlink style from 7.1. The more clients who request this the more likely the change will be implemented, so thank you for your input! Any potential updates regarding this matter will be posted here.