How to restore deleted view -dashboard from an oracle database ?

Mahmoud Elaskare shared this question 5 years ago

Hey all , I want to know how to restore a deleted view and it's associated reports and dashboards from an oracle database backup .

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Hi Mahmoud,

What you're trying to do is not something you can easily do via the DB, as there are associated records which, if not updated correctly would cause issues.

Due to this, our recommendation is;

1. Restore your database on a separate instance of Yellowfin.

2. Perform an export of that view/dashboard/reports.

3. Import that content back into your production instance.

While it's a little bit of work, it's the cleanest/safest way to restore content that was deleted.

If you would like to discuss this further, please shoot across your info.jsp so we can get a bit more info on your installation, at which point I'll move to a private ticket for further discussion.



Hi David ,

Thank you for your assistance , I restored the deleted View follwoing this :

and It worked fine .


Ok no problems, glad it worked out.

Please just ensure you test all components and have made a backup prior to those changes, and let us know if there was anything else you were after.



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