BMC - How to make multiple thin connection with Oracle DB.

Vishal Lahane shared this question 2 years ago

When any Oracle DB client is connected to yellowfin DB then yellowfin application not able to make connection to the same db. But when I close the same connection yellofin application able to make connection without any error.

Is this is design or there is way to make multiple connection to Oracle DB while DB creation.



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Hi Vishal,

I tested this out and I did not find any problem with making "multiple connection to Oracle DB while DB creation".

I have attached a video of this test, in it you will see that firstly a new Oracle user is created, "newdb" on host, then a remote client (DBVisualiser) connects to that new Oracle user, then the installer successfully creates the Yellowfin schema in that "newdb" while the DBVisualiser connection is still connected.

If you could take a minute to watch the video and then let me know if I did some wrong steps then that would be great!




Hi Dave,

This issue occurred multiple time on QA Env. Even I haven't faced this issue,

Issue was:

yellowfin 7.1 or 7.3 already installed now upgrading to yellowfin 8 but a single Oracle SQL Developer connection was opened and yellowfin URL is not able access that's why installer could not able to upgrade yellowfin 8.

This might be case more people using that database via: Oracle SQL Developer

Will inform you if we face such problem in future.




OK Vishal, yes that would be good if you could please inform us if you face such a problem in the future.





First, establish whether this is an Oracle problem or Yellowfin by trying to connect to your Oracle DB with a db tool such as DBVisualiser or SQuirreL.

By the way, I once had a similar problem with creating a JDBC connection to Oracle (also had the same issue using DBVisualiser as well as Yellowfin) and managed to finally resolve it by using the connection string format that uses the service rather than the SID, for example:


I did some searching on the Oracle error message and found this web page which has quite a few different things to check, so if the above suggestions don't help then perhaps try working through the check list in that web page.

After installing DBVisualiser, this application works by using connection type TNS. I had to add a variable TNS_ADMIN on the server. After this I have restarted the Yellowfin services, then I recreated the Oracle connection in Yellowfin.

Using the database Oracle and connection Method JDBC no working connection could be made, still the same error java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied , I do have additional options like Schema and Isolation Level .

Switch to the Generic JDBC Data Source as the database, the connect string is now like this: jdbc:oracle:thin:@//ipadress:portnumber/service_name .

This results in a working connection! Maybe the cause of the error using Oracle as the Database might be the way the tnsnames is defined.

Thanks & Regards,