BMC - How to Add logo in report

Sagar Vavhal shared this question 5 days ago
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Can you please help to understand, how can I add logo as image in my reports?

I tried saving the path in DB column and then converting it to Binary on report level, however it gives me option to download, and I cannot see the actual image.

It would be great if we can have any document or detail information to know how we can achieve this.


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Hello Sagar,

Thanks for reaching out with your question. The first step is to set the 'Company Logo' under 'Administration' > 'Configuration':


Don't worry about that logo there, the Dark Side is a just a means to an end at this point.

After uploading your logo, make sure you save the image. Next, we can hop over to 'Administration' > 'Content Settings' > 'Report Settings'. Expanding the 'Styles' section allows some different options for styling reports. In particular, let's review the 'Header & Footer' section.

I want to show the Company Logo in the top right, in honor of the Emperor, so I'll go ahead and click the right '+' and choose 'Company Logo'.


Defining this will show your company logo on exported reports in PDF format:


I believe if you'd like to display your logo in a report on-screen, you'll want to use the 'Images and Maps" functionality to add images to your chart.

Let me know if this helps.