How does the 'New User Auto Refresh' work?

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When setting up my source filter, I have an option 'New User Auto Refresh', how exactly does this work?

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This option will run the source filter query refresh every time a new user is created.

If using this option, you should also be using tokens in your source filter. This means it will only refresh the values for that user being created, rather than have it refresh for all users on the system. So creating users should be much faster with tokens than without.

However, the one drawback with this is that when the actual scheduled task runs for the source filters it will still use the token, though go through each of the users in the system, so this might be slower. In saying this, as it's a scheduled task, it's usually set to run outside of business hours.

Here is an example of a source filter query with a token being used;

When you validate the query it will prompt you for a example value of the token, to ensure it runs correctly.


If you have any questions, or run into any issues with this, please let us know.



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