How can I use the REST API to get the content that a user has favorited?

Yuu Asakawa shared this idea 2 years ago
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Our partner tried to use the REST API to get a list of the Dashboards that have been favorited.

However, using the REST API, they could only get Stories.

I couldn't get any reports or presentations, let alone a dashboard.

The developer site states that various types of content can be retrieved.

Get a user's favourites

A list of models of varying type of content that the user has favourited.

How can I get my favorite content (dashboards) using the REST API?

Yellowfin version is 9.6.0.

I'm attaching a sample file so if my code is wrong, please fix it.

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Hi Yuu,

Thanks for reaching out with this!

I went ahead and tested this on my end and was seeing the same results when attempting to run the Get Favourites API. Turns out there is a 'gap' in this portion of the REST API as the favorites endpoint only caters to stories and discussion streams (maybe). This needs to be expanded to work for all content types, as the SOAP service does.

Luckily this has been logged as an enhancement and we are currently aiming for this to be included within 9.7, as such I've converted this to an Idea post so that we can easily track the progress of this enhancement and to better update you when possible.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding the task or the 'gap' in this part of the API.




Hi Jared,

Thank you for your confirmation.I promptly watched for JIRA tickets.



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