How can I chance the Yellowfin DB timeout settings?

David Registro shared this question 6 years ago

My Yellowfin DB is hosted on a server that can be slow at the best of times, so I'm after a way for Yellowfin to try longer before it gives us, and also allow more connections to the DB.

Where do I set this?

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Changing the timeout settings for the Yellowfin Database is a matter of adding an extra parameter to the Web.xml file.

In order to do this, add a JDBCTimeout parameter within the 'InitConnectionPool' section.

Then you will add a value in seconds, by default the Yellowfin DB has a timeout of 5mins (300 seconds) .



An example web.xml with this parameter has also been attached to this post.

If you run into any issues, please reach out to us.



Files: web.xml

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