Horizontal Bar Chart Ignores Custom Color With Date Formatter

Dor David Makmal shared this problem 3 years ago
Defect Fixed

Hi! It's been a while since I reported a bug :)

I noticed an issue with the Horizontal Bar Chart on 9.4 build 20201204

I used 2019 and 2020 as the chart colors. (created a chart to compare between the years)

The date field, has the dates 01-01-2019 and 01-01-2020, and behind the scenes we use a Date Formatter for the field, which takes the Year out of the date, so it looks like 2019-2020 on the chart.

But when I'm changing colors, by populate series and then using a custom color - it ignores the changes. I figured it might be a tagging problem - and it is.

when I changed to Raw Formatter and went back to the chart builder - I repopulated with 01-01-2019 and 01-01-2020, and changed colors.

It worked.

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Hi Dor,

Thanks for contacting Yellowfin and submitting this bug!

Would you mind showing me how you've set up your chart and the colour changes you made with a couple of screenshots?

Specifically the format you've chosen for the field, the chart view and the colour settings. Hopefully then I can replicate on my end, as I've just had a bit of an experiment with date format fields and colour and am not encountering the same issue.

Kind regards,



Hi sure!

You suppose to have a field which has the first of january for each year

so for example -





and you need to set to format to Date Part Formatter, and Year

So eventually the field would have - in the report builder - data seciton -






then - create a horizontal bar


under Series - Populate Series

so you'd get the years from your data

and change colors to each series.

meaning - move from Default to Solid or Gradient, Custom Color....

it seems the Date Part Formatter is kind-of a front-end solution, but the chart Series settings talks with the data behind it


Hi Dor,

Thanks for explaining! Yes, I can see that looks like a bug to me. I've written up a report and the dev team will hopefully get it fixed soon!

Kind regards,



Hi Dor,

A fix was implemented for this in 9.6! Please visit our downloads portal to download an installer for your Yellowfin server. I'll mark this ticket as Defect Fixed.

Kind regards,


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