GIS maps - Ability to click on smaller bubble within larger bubble

Madhu shared this idea 6 years ago
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I have a GIS bubble map chart, and have a smaller bubble inside a larger bubble, which displays fine, however I'm unable to hover/click on the smaller bubble.



Can we have a way to see the info for the smaller bubble?

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HI Madhu,

Unfortunately what you're after here is not possible with bubble maps. In cases like this we believe the best thing to do is to split up your layers.

In the above example we can see both Luxury and Relaxation, though unable to get a count of relaxation due to the bubble size. If you wanted to check the smaller bubble details, you could easily add a 'Demographic' filter which then allowed you to see just the Relaxation point.

An alternative would be to remove the demographic altogether and display a 'total' bubble, and then clicking on it will drill to a different report which showed both results in a table etc.. though this requires a bit more work.

Either way I've logged the enhancement and will keep you updated if there are any changes.

Please let me know if there was anything else you were after in the meantime.



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