Front-end Cache Flush Feature

Alex Karr shared this idea 7 years ago
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It would be nice to have a button somewhere in the Admin section that allows for the clearing out of individual backend system caches. (The Report Data Cache, for example.)

The reason we need to clear out the entire cache is that we will be doing semi frequent (most likely weekly) data refreshes of the underlying tables. Once we change the data, we need to clear the cache, otherwise the existing cached report-filter combinations (we have user prompt filters so one report can be cached multiple different ways) will be inaccurate until they get pushed out by the FIFO or until they expire. While restarting Yellowfin will clear some of these out, this isn't exactly the smoothest way to update a production instance.

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Hi Alex,

Just letting you know this idea has been formally raised by Conner, though at this point in time no ETA can be provided.

Any updates on this will be posted here.

If you have any question on this in the meantime, please let us know.



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