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Bobby Lee shared this idea 6 years ago


Is there a way to freeze the header on a report with a large number of rows? This report is not in a dashboard or storyboard.



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Hi Bobby,

unfortunately at the moment there isn't a way to freeze the header on a stand-alone report (as you probably know this is possible in a dashboard tab). However there is already an enhancement request (YFN-6225) raised for said functionality, so what I'll do is convert this Ticket into an Idea and then link it to that enhancement request.




Hey Bobby,

I hope you have been well!

This request has been re assigned to myself. I have some good news for you! I know its been a while since you raised this request (2 years in fact), However, this feature will be available in the next upcoming releases!! :)

It will be available in yellowfin 8.0.4 (which should be released by the end of this week!), 7.4.13 (no ETA for this release at the moment, but has been confirmed its going into this version.) and 9.0.1! (no current ETA for this one either)

I will go ahead and mark this as 'Completed' as this feature is confirmed in all 3 of the next upcoming releases! Although, if you would like me to keep you updated on the release dates, please reopen the idea and I will be more than happy to keep you updated on ETA's of the upcoming releases as soon as I get word!

Thanks & Best Wishes,



Hi Lesley

this feature doesn't seem to work well

I am using version 9.3.1, I have checked report header lock(attached )

and only half of the headers are locked/5f3aab80658fa973798a718f9d21b26d



Hey Lily,

I hope you are well!

My apologies for the delayed response, I was on annual leave

Now that I am back, I have tested this out & I have replicated the issue in 9.3.1

Could you confirm whether or not this is only occurring when using enough column in the report that requires you to scroll across to see the rest?

Or does this also occur when only using a few columns in a report? So that they already all fit on the page without scrolling across?

In the meantime - I will check internally to see if this is a known issue or not - If not, I will raise this with the development team

Best Wishes,



Hi All,

This enhancement has just showed up in my visible awaiting reply queue - It seems that ideas that were placed into awaiting reply went 'missing', however this issue has now been fixed.

Lily, I believe we started a separate ticket for the issues you are experiencing with the header lock - So I will go ahead and mark this one as complete.

Best Wishes,


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