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Bernard Davis shared this idea 21 months ago
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We have some reports that use some freehand SQL filters as the refresh time is significantly faster for some of our views. Since freehand SQL filters are disabled for customers (and we don't expect them to write their own SQL queries), it means a customer cannot add one of these filters into a report.

It would be great if we could save a freehand SQL filter as a "freehand SQL calculated filter", in the same way that a freehand SQL calculated field can be saved and re-used by a customer.

I'd like to raise this as a feature request, but if you have another solution to the issue please let me know.


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Hi Bernard,

This is a good idea. We've got a similar request to flesh out freehand SQL views with the capability to create calculated filters but I can see how this could be useful as well.

I've created an enhancement request and hopefully we could see this implemented in the future!

Kind regards,



Great, thanks Chris!


No worries! I'll move this over to idea logged.

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