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Ed Kilby shared this idea 4 years ago
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When you turn on one of the performance settings on a view to make it only include the required tables in the SQL statement when building a report (we have to do this for performance reasons), writing any freehand SQL calculated field becomes difficult because the your referenced field will only work if you happen to have already used a field from the same table in your report.

Currently the instructions for a Freehand SQL calc field states: "The Freehand SQL builder will require:"

"2. Columns referenced to exist in this view."

However this is not true with the performance feature turned on and instead should state:

"2. Columns from tables already referenced in this report"

This has caught our users our a few times.


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Hi Ed,

yes indeed, and in fact we already have an enhancement request in the work list for the "Optimise View" functionality to take into consideration report-level Freehand SQL Calculated Fields as well as regular columns from tables.

In older versions there used to be a warning for the user to make mandatory any tables used in Freehand SQL calc fields:


but as you know, that works against the concept of optimising a view because the table will always be included, so it will be a very good thing when said enhancement request gets implemented some day.



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