Format PDF dashboard export as it looks in Yellowfin

Maja Belobaba shared this idea 3 months ago
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When exporting a dashboard to PDF, the format is different to how it is configured in yellowfin - Each report with be under each other.

The Idea is to have the dashboard export keep the same format when exporting via PDF.

For example - if there is a dashboard with 2 charts/reports that are placed next to each other in the dashboard, when exporting via PDF, 1 report/chart will be placed underneath the other report/chart.

In Yellowfin, As you can see 'Revenue by media Category' and 'Profitability by customer age & Location breakdown' are placed next to each other in the dashboard -


In PDF export, you can see the format has changed, even though I have selected 'Shrink to fit page' -




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Hello Maja,

This community idea has now been raised with the development team, I have attached the Task ID to this idea and marked as 'Idea Logged' So that I can track the progress...once there is progress, I can update you here :) - I hope that is ok!

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Hey Maja,

I hope you are well!

Already have an update for you on this one! So the developers are already working on this function to have the ability to export an entire dashboard to PDF, and have that PDF match what you see in yellowfin.

I do not currently have an ETA for this - but I have updated the development task ID so I can track the development task and update you when I know more.

I hope thats ok :)

Best Wishes,