Filter Suggestion still appears when filter is present but not a user prompt filter

Lex Clay shared this problem 3 years ago

Hi Fishies,

You've developed your own Microsoft paperclip! :)

Title & picture should be clear enough but let me know if you need more info.


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Hey Lex,

I just tested this in 9.4.2, and after adding the 'suggested' filter to the filter section, this message no longer appears when selecting to publish the report.

Can you confirm the version you cam across this issue in? 9.4.1 ?

Best Wishes,



It's 9.4.2 and it's in the report builder when you move to charts or design.

Did you have the filter set to user prompt? If you set it to a defined value then try to move away from the data tab, see if you still get it.

Is there a way to just turn it off? It's bloody annoying having it pop up every time...I get the idea behind it but it's just a PITA tbh.


Hey Lex,

I tested this as you suggested, and was still unable to replicate. Once removing the filter from the filter section, the box then pops up.

Here is a link to a quick screen recording of my testing, for reference - Let me know if I have missed anything?

Best Wishes,



Hi Lesley,

It’s “fixed” with the setting in the view you told me about in the other ticket.  Feel free to close this one out.

Lex Clay



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