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Craig Dubin shared this problem 22 months ago


I am unable to link a filter from one Report to another Report on a Dashboard, when it is used in a linked filter, subquery hierarchy.

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Again, thanks for the time this evening. There's nothing irregular about how the views are setup. The only behavior that I've seemed to be able to denote is this:

1. Let's say there are 5 reports that use a ridership view and 1 report that uses an on-time performance (OTP) view

2. Of the 5 ridership reports, 1 has the subqueries baked in (eventually they all will). The 1 OTP report also has subqueries baked in.

3. If I use a ridership report as the master date filter and link all report date filters to it, the OTP chart date filter doesn't show up in the link filters interaction. If I use the OTP chart date filter as the master, all the other ridership charts except the one I set up with subqueries show up as date filters.

I suspect as soon as I convert all the charts to subquery reports, then they will not show up as date filters to link to.


Hey Simon,

I'm trying to do it now and right away, with just 2 reports, I run into the same issue. So I have one spot report that's got a date between and one report with the new logic to do the year offsets. I'm attaching some screenshots so you can see the configuration, but it's clearly not reading the date field for the filters. As a side note, I spent the day creating stored procedures, creating sproc views and am able to get around this problem in the meantime...that works, but extremely labor intensive, and difficult to support. I'm hoping this is a bug that can be logged because I can't imagine what might be wrong with the actual dashboard here.

I can get on another call if needed. In case you're wondering if I just used the same dashboard in case maybe there was corruption, I didn't. I started a new one fresh.


Ok, give me a few


Ok Simon:

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Thanks again for the help, Simon! I'll check the queries out, though I can also see the convert/cast in the where clauses in reportinstance as well. I also noticed that in the view, if you look at the sql in the information tooltip, the calendar date (datetime in SQL) still gets converted to varchar...but at least in the report, I'm not seeing the conversions on the column itself anymore. Thanks!


Thanks Simon...been slammed with some other happenings, but will be trying to work through it this week. I'll write back if I need to.


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