Expose click events on charts to dashboard code mode

Dillon Hoefener shared this idea 3 years ago
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I would like the ability to have access to chart values in code mode based on a user clicking on a chart. I have had multiple use cases that require interactions where a user wants to click on a chart to filter another report based on the selected values in a way that the drill through functionality does not meet the requirement. The idea is that I want to be able to click on a chart and then pass the value clicked to the filter of another report on the dashboard.

I have been able to achieve this kind of functionality through JavaScript for a table component of a report because the click event allows me to get access to values clicked, but for charts like pie charts and line charts, no click event is fired when clicking on the charts.

Ideally, this sort of functionality ought to be included as part of the report API for use in code mode, but as long as I have some method to get the values from a click event on a chart, even if it has to be entirely custom JS, that would go a long way for more dynamic and robust dashboard interactions.

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Hi Dillon,

Thank you for submitting this as an idea. I have gone ahead and logged this with our development team. I will update you as and when I can.



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