Exporting option to allow us to change the row limit

Sofia Rabin shared this idea 4 years ago
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When exporting to xlsx we would like to have an option to have a row limit box to increase the view or data source limit.

e.g. currently a report is set to 10,000 by default, whereas the view allows 100,000. Can we have it so this can be set at report level as opposed to going through to the view.


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Additional information:

"There are user which like to download the reports directly to excel - the display in the YF is not relevant since the result-set is too big. allowing to export directly to excel will save the rendering on the display on YF page,

the idea for the limitation: we limit our views to 200,000 rows in order to prevent loads on the server.

However, there are specific reports which we would like to allow more than 200,000 rows (especially "when there is a need to export to excel)."

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