Export to PDF - Shrink to fit - Width and Height

Aaron Fisher shared this idea 6 years ago
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When exporting to PDF, there is the option to shrink the width to fit

the page. What one of our clients is after is a shrink the length to fit the page as


I imagine this would work like excel, where you can fit a whole table on

a printed page and essentially the text/table reduces in size in order

to fit the whole table on the printed page.

I can forsee that when the tables are of a larger data set, the text

would be so tiny as to be unreadable however, for the the reports that

only just slightly go over a page and the following page may have only a

few lines on before the sectioning kicks in and leave a whole lot of

white space, this could be helpful in producing a better looking


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Hi Aaron,

No update on this as yet, but it is still in the dev bucket, so will keep you posted.



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