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Stefan Dicu shared this idea 4 years ago
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It would be a good idea if the expert approval feature on folders would override permission roles so that instead of specific groups having the ability to approve a report within a folder that it instead would allow specific users to approve a report - as some users will be in the same group but i only want one user in that group to be able to approve reports.


User A - consumer collaborator Advanced

User B - consumer collaborator Advanced

User C - consumer collaborator Advanced

User A has been allocated as the report approval user for the expert approval folder. However User B and User C are still able to approve this report UNLESS i disable the 'admin approval' within the admin console role permissions - but this also disables it for User A.

When setting up expert approval on a content folder, you are asked to allocate user/s. i would like these users that are specified to be the only users to be able to approve the reports within the content folder no matter what role they are in and what their role permission is set at.

Expectations for Expert Approval -

The User who is specified as the expert approval user (User A) should be sent a request to approve all content changes: including publishing, deleting, editing and saving out of the expert approval content folder into a public folder.

Thanks, it would be great to have this within yellowfin :)

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Hi Stefan,

I hope you are well!

Just to let you know I have now raised this as an enhancement task to the devs and all communication regarding this enhancement will be communicated via this idea :)

I hope that is ok.

Thanks & Best Wishes,


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