Error when installing Yellowfin into MySQL : 'ERR_INSERTQUERY'

David Registro shared this problem 8 years ago

When installing Yellowfin, I'm getting the following error:




INTO ReferenceCodeDesc (`RefTypeCode`, `RefVersion`, `RefCode`, `LanguageCode`,

`ShortDescription`, `LongDescription`, `ScreenSortOrder`) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?,?, ?, ?)


What does this mean, and how can I install Yellowfin?

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This error is almost exclusive to MySQL and is related to the character encoding of the database you're installing into.

The character set can be set at a database level, or sever level, so there are 2 ways around this.

  1. Create a new database and explicitly set it to use UTF-8
  2. Set your MySQL server level to use UTF-8

For option 1, you can use the query below to create a new blank DB called 'yellowfin' which is set to use UTF-8:

CREATE DATABASE `yellowfin` CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;


the above will created a blank database called 'yellowfin', so if you already

have a 'yellowfin' DB, you can delete it, change the name in the above query.

Once you have done this, re-install Yellowfin, and ensure you do NOT tick 'create

new database' option.


For option 2 , this is done via MySQL configuration, and can be done in a few different ways.

See the following article for some detailed information on this.

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