Enable Font Size Option on Excel Exports

Jason Kaczmarek shared this idea 2 years ago
Not Planned

At least for me, the same size font in Excel displays much larger than on a web browser. Every time I export to Excel, I end up reducing the font size. It would be great if the font size reduction could be done automatically. It would be nice to see a system-wide default that could be overwritten on individual reports.


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Hi Jason,

I definitely see what you're saying, but I think what's happening is that the browser is simply displaying the resolution as it sees best, while excel is more conforming to standards. In the end, both fonts are the same size, just looks different within each application (Chrome vs Excel)

I've confirmed this by testing both Arial & Times New Roman.





If I however zoom out in Excel to 85% , it matches the browser.

I don't believe this is something we can address via YF code, as I can see a few online posts about the same issue with browsers vs Excel/Open Office.

Hope this helps in some way, and apologise for the inconvenience.