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Karthik Kannan shared this problem 5 years ago

Hi Yellowfin Team,

My report's title should include parameter details when exporting or printing.

for example, my report name is Cash Flow Statement and i generated the report for the year 2018 then in the Export or Print, title should come like Cash Flow Statement for the Year 2018.

How to achieve this ?

NOTE: already tried by adding the parameter details in a database column to achieve it by assigning the column to as REPORT SECTION. but between report section and report title a empty line is coming. Please find the attachments for your information.


Karthik K

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Hi Karthik,

I hope all is well,

Would this be for filename or report level title/description? With this we have had other users question the dynamic options that you would like... See the below links to support this:

Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3

As you know we can set this manually through the Report Title and Report description to give us results like the image below, although this would be a manual process and not what you are looking for when questioning the "Dynamic Report Title"


Apologies that I can't be of any more assistance with this, but looking at the links above this should put you at ease with knowing this has been raised and we are looking at this. I look forward to your feedback on this.



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