Dynamic date filter to show completed 12 months data

YangyangCai shared this idea 3 years ago
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Hi Team,

Hope you are having a good today. :)

I found that when we setup the date filter on our dashboard, dynamic date is only canbe setup based on current date.



Our team is looking forward to another option that could enable us to show completed last 12 months.

Much apprecitate if you could address our request ASAP.



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hey Nancy, I've spoken to the development team here at Yellowfin. Additional pre-defined date filter periods have to be logged as an enhancement request to the development team which I'll do for you now. For now you'll have to use the custom pre-defined or the dynamic date as you're using above. The ticket I have logged is YFN-6966. Support will let you know if there is any further updates to this one. Thanks