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Karthik Kannan shared this problem 5 days ago
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Hi Yellowfin Team,

I have 2 Columns Like BudgetYear and BudgetValue.

Problem 1: When all values are same in BudgetYear then i will go for normal reporting.

For examble, when BudgetYear is 2017 then column name for the BudgetValue column should change dynamically Budget (2017).

How to achieve this ?

Problem 2: When all values are not same in BudgetYear then i will go for crosstab reporting. Then all columns in this report (placed in rows - for crosstab reports) should change dynamically like

Budget (2017) Budget (2018) Budget (2019)

How to achieve this ?

Problem 3:

When DrillThrough is enabled in the Views and 2 columns are linked. Then in the reports not able to change the column name for the DrillThrough column (column in the 2nd level).


Karthik K

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Hi Karthik,

We are quite busy this week, and specific content creation technically falls outside of the realm of support. I am going to give some brief answers to each of these, but, if you want any specific examples then you will need to go through our paid consulting services. Sorry!

1. It is not possible to dynamically name columns within the UI. Custom advanced functions can dynamically name columns, so your best bet here will be to to code your own advanced function for this. Our wiki has articles on how to code advanced functions.

2. If you setup your cross-tab with "year" in the column section, then each year will show up as the column name. However adjusting this based on data in the "row" section or the metric used is not possible.

3. Again, the only ways to change column names dynamically, is to create an advanced function, which has the ability to set the column name based on other factors.

In conclusion, none of this is easily possible. There might be workarounds, but diving into this would be more of a consulting engagement than support. Hopefully this helps!