Dynamic access filter control on normal cached filters

Daniel Woods shared this idea 3 years ago
Not Planned

When we create cached filters, during the process of creating a report, an option should be present presented either to filter the list with the report runner's access list or the report creator's access list.

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HI Daniel,

Thanks for the feedback, but I'm a little confused as to why/how you would want this to work?

When you create a cached filter, and have source filters applied to the view, you have a few options;

-At the view , you check 'Restrict by Access' filter AND you have the source filter turned on at the report.


If you cache the filter, You only get what is returned by the source filter. This is based on the user you are logged in at.


-If you choose to use 'Access Filter Values' , you will get the same result.

However, if you were then to turn OFF the source filter at the report....

-If you then cache the filter, you will get ALL results.

-If you choose 'Access Filter Values' , you will only get results returned for the logged in user.

How exactly would you want this to work, and how would you be able to tell YF to cache the filter as another user?

Sorry for the 20 questions, just having trouble understanding your use-case.