Double Click annoyance during image upload

Mark McGuire shared this idea 5 years ago
Not Planned

I would like to propose we have a single click for uploading images when in chart canvas.

Having created a report and then navigating to chart canvas I require to upload an image. I select Image Widgets (single click), I then select Add New Image. I would expect this to be of a single click and not a double click. Slightly annoying, but nothing major.


Maybe something to consider? Like I said it's nothing major.

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Hi Mark,

The reason for this is actually due to allowing both a drag and click.

If you click once and drag the image image to the canvas you get prompted to choose your image. So it's either a click + drag, or a double-click,

It's just to avoid people trying to drag and then getting prompted with the pop-up instead.

Hope this makes sense, and please let me know if I'm missing something.



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