Does the JSON Connector have any security concerns when using JPath Designer?

Lee Roquet shared this question 6 years ago

The JSON designer captures the source JSON and the selected keys in the JPATH file for later possible editing. Does this create a security breach if we use Yellowfin to process JSON data this way?

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FTP and S3 mode require the user to provide a representative JSON file to train the JDesigner. The JDesigner is a Yellowfin cloud service, common for all Yellowfin users. The JDesigner, will retain a copy of the JSON file, should the user need to come back and edit it.

We suggest that users craft a representative JSON file, using fake data. In this way, no real data is stored in the cloud. The JSON file does need to be representative of all the possible keys that the user may wish to use; however, for training the JDesigner the data values are not important; only that they represent possible values and type formats.



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