Display Error Reason for CSV upload on Client org

Pratap Singh shared this idea 4 years ago
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We think it would be a good idea to include the error reason for not being able to upload a CSV on a client org when no content folders are created within the org.

This would be more user friendly as it would allow users to know that this is not error-ing for any other reason/thinking something is wrong with the CSV file or there is a defect.

So a display message either before uploading a CSV in a client org stating content folders need to be created before they can upload a CSV or if the CSV upload does fail due to no content folders then have this similar display message upon error-ing too!


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Hey Pratap,

I hope you are well!

This has now been raised with the developers. I have attached the Development task to this idea and have also logged as 'Idea Logged' - this will allow me to keep track of the development task and update you on any progress regarding the idea as I receive them! :)

I hope this is ok!

Best Wishes,


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