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Paul Wong shared this idea 4 years ago
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We have disabled the use of "Web Services" for all our end users.

However, the option is still displayed and enabled from UI (for example, in Save Report dialog).

It causes lots of confusion for our users.

If the "Web Services" is not available, please hide the option from the UI.


For us, we don't use Web Service (security requirement).It will be nice to have an option to hide it from the UI globally (or per org if some other YF customers needs this feature on per org basis).

Thanks a lot.


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Hi Paul,

Thanks for reaching out. I think the thought here is that users with Web Service permissions may want to access reports created by non-Web Service permitted users. If we were to remove that configuration via a new permission, or folded it into the existing Web Services one, then Web Service access for reports would default to 'off' and be inaccessible via Web Services. Then, to turn it back on, the user would need to be given Web Service permissions.

Then again, if you're not using Web Services at all, then I suppose there would be no harm in hiding this option here entirely. As such, I've gone ahead and logged an internal enhancement request for this.

Any potential updates regarding this will be posted here.



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