Prevent Running Reports Without Applying Filters

Abhijeet Teli shared this idea 6 months ago
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Can we implement a Global Configuration that disables the Auto Refresh of reports?

We would like this to apply to both the Report Builder and while running reports, i.e. clients should have to submit filters before a report runs. Ideally this could have two options.

1. If report is being executed without filters then show Warning popup displaying a message for potential performance hit, User can still bypass the warning and execute the report.

2. Second option will be an error message and user cannot bypass this.

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Hi Abhijeet,

Thanks for reaching out with your Idea. I've logged this for review with our Development team and will keep this post updated with further information as it is available to me. For others wanting similar functionality, the following are some ways to do this with current Yellowfin features:

For report creation, the following current solutions exist:

  1. Disable 'Auto Refresh', the default can be set at the View level and will carry over to all Reports built upon this View.
  2. As you've already discussed, you can add a condition to the View. This one's a bit more niche.

For report viewing:

  1. You can make filters mandatory. This prevents the report from running without providing said filters.